Preprints and Publications by the Kimchi group:

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Selected Papers

1. Anomalous localization at the boundary of an interacting topological insulator.

I. Kimchi, Y-Z. Chou, R. M. Nandkishore, L. Radzihovsky.  Phys. Rev. B 101, 035131 (2020).


2. Scaling and data collapse from local moments in frustrated disordered quantum spin systems.

I. Kimchi, J.P. Sheckelton, T.M. McQueen, P.A. Lee. Nature Communications 9, 4367 (2018).


3. Valence bonds in random quantum magnets: theory and application to YbMgGaO4.

I. Kimchi, A. Nahum, T. Senthil. Physical Review X 8, 031028 (2018).


4. Quantum oscillations from surface Fermi-arcs in Weyl and Dirac semi-metals.

C. Potter, I. Kimchi, A. Vishwanath. Nature Communications 5, 5161 (2014).


5. Three dimensional quantum spin liquid in 3D-honeycomb iridate models and phase diagram in an infinite-D approximation.

I. Kimchi, J. G. Analytis, A. Vishwanath. Physical Review B 90, 205126 (2014)