Preprints and Publications by the Kimchi group:

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Selected Papers

  1. Control of chiral orbital currents in a colossal magnetoresistance material, Yu Zhang, Yifei Ni, Hengdi Zhao, Sami Hakani, Feng Ye, Lance DeLong, I. Kimchi, Gang Cao, Nature 611, 467–472 (2022).
  2. Magnetic memory and spontaneous vortices in a van der Waals superconductor, E Persky, AV Bjørlig, I Feldman, A Almoalem, E Altman, E Berg, I Kimchi, J Ruhman, A Kanigel, B Kalisky, Nature 607 (7920), 692-696 (2022).
  3. Physics of the Kitaev model: fractionalization, dynamic correlations, and material connections, M Hermanns, I Kimchi, J Knolle, Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics 9, 17-33 (2018). Itamar Kimchi, 2 / 10
  4. Valence Bonds in Random Quantum Magnets: Theory and Application to YbMgGaO4, I Kimchi, A Nahum, T Senthil, Physical Review X 8 (3), 031028 (2018).
  5. Scaling and data collapse from local moments in frustrated disordered quantum spin systems, I. Kimchi, J.P. Sheckelton, T.M. McQueen, P.A. Lee, Nature Communications 9, 4367 (2018).
  6. Kitaev-Heisenberg models for iridates on the triangular, hyperkagome, kagome, fcc, and pyrochlore lattices, I Kimchi, A Vishwanath, Physical Review B 89 (1), 014414 (2014).