Itamar Kimchi: Brief CV

Itamar Kimchi: Brief CV


Full CV


Research Interests:

Conceptual theory of collective quantum matter; bridging conceptual theory with experiments on quantum information platforms and quantum materials. Discovering new types of emergent behavior for many entangled quantum objects using analytics and tailored numerics.

Selected topics of accomplishment:  RG scaling of entangled bonds in random quantum spin systems, relation to observed data collapse (1T-TaS2, H3LiIr2O6, herbertsmithite, LiZn2Mo3O8, YbMgGaO4); Dualities in quantum Hall bilayers (v=½+½); Topological quantum oscillations in semimetals (Cd3As2); Spatial symmetries and featureless Mott insulators (inc. on half-filled graphene lattice); Strong spin-orbit-coupling and Kitaev spin liquid / toric code candidates (α,β,γ-Li2IrO3, α-RuCl3).



2015                Ph.D. in Physics                                              University of California, Berkeley

    Advisor: Ashvin Vishwanath

2008                S.B. in Mathematics and S.B. in Physics           Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Academic Positions

2021-curr.   Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech School of Physics

2018-2020  NIST NRC Fellow,  JILA, National Institute of Standards and Technology and CU Boulder

2018-2019  Junior Fellow in Theory of Quantum Matter, University of Colorado, Boulder

2015-2018  MIT Pappalardo Fellow in Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2009-2015  Graduate Student Researcher, University of California, Berkeley

2009-2014  Graduate Student Instructor, University of California, Berkeley


Fellowships and Awards

2018               National Research Council Fellowship       Natl Institute Standards & Technology

2015                MIT Pappalardo Fellowship in Physics                  MIT Department of Physics

2014                Jackson C. Koo Award in Condensed Matter         UC Berkeley Department of Physics

2012                KITP Graduate Fellow                                             Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics

2009-2012     NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

2006                MIT Burchard Scholar in Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences


Some Recent Talks (not regularly updated)

Invited Conference Talks:

Mar 2019         Non-Equilibrium Quantum Snapshots 2019, CUNY Graduate Center

Feb 2019          New Approaches to Strongly Correlated Q. Systems, Aspen Center for Physics

Sept 2018         Quantum Magnetism, Kavli Inst. Theoretical Sciences and IOP-CAS, Beijing, China

June 2018        Symmetry and Topology, University of Tokyo, Japan

Apr 2018          Complex Quantum Materials, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Aug 2017         Topological Properties in Quantum Magnets. Budapest, Hungary

June 2017        Synergy and Innovation in Quantum Materials, Berkeley

Feb 2017          Theory of Correlated Topological Materials, ISSP, Tokyo, Japan

Mar 2016         Invited Session on Kitaev Spin Liquid Physics, APS March Meeting 2016, Baltimore

Feb 2016          Topological Phenomena in Novel Quantum Materials, MPI-PKS, Dresden, Germany

Conference Presentations:

July 2019         Quantum Spin Liquids, Aspen Center for Physics

June 2019        Ergodicity Breaking in Quantum Physics, GGI, Florence, Italy

July 2018         Topological Phases and Excitations in Q. Matter, Aspen Center for Physics

Nov 2017         Novel Quantum States in Condensed Matter, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto, Japan

Aug 2016         Banff Workshop, Geometrical Degrees of Freedom in Topological Phases, Canada

June 2014        Dynamics and Transport in Quantum Matter, Technion, Haifa, Israel

July 2013         Spin Orbit Entanglement: Exotic States of Quantum Matter in Electronic Systems, MPI-PKS, Dresden, Germany

June 2013        Emergent Quantum Phases in Condensed Matter, ISSP, Tokyo, Japan

Sept 2012         Frustrated Magnetism and Quantum Spin Liquids, KITP, Santa Barbara